Janayin Al Hamala Road Designs, Al Hamala

Roads Infrastructure Designs (16.9km serving 900 plots with different uses such as Residential, Commercial Building, Multi-Storey Building, Work Shops, Private Schools, Kindergarten or Nursery Schools, Community Functions Halls, Medical Institutions, Petrol Station, Mosque, Gardens and etc.)

Improvement of Avenue 23 @ Tubli (Phase 2&3)

The project is located in the Capital Governorate in Tubli Block 711 in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The proposed Road linked Tbuli Service Road with Avenue 77 at jurdab. 

The above proposed Roads serve different uses such as Residential, Commercial Building, Ministry of Housing Projects, Work Shops, Mosque, Gardens and etc.

The proposed development consists of dual carriageway 1.2Km, single carriageway 1.3Km and service road 0.65Km.

Temporary Access Road (Island-14), Northern Town (Asam)

Design calculation for the Temporary access bund.

  • Design calculation for Size of protection rock.
  • Thickness of layer of rock,
  • Crest length,
  • Toe design,
  • Slope stability analysis.
  • Slip Circle stability calculation.

Design of the temporary pipe culverts.

Design of the guard house.

Design of the related infrastructure works.

Design of the main road and other roads (Horizontal & vertical Alignment, Road marking & Signage, Street Lighting, Storm Drainage, Safety Barriers … etc.)

Obtaining of work permits and wayleave approval from all the concern authorities.

Opening Roads Projects Aker Block 624 (Phase 1&2) Shahrakhan Block 1044- Buri Block 756.

The above proposed Roads serve mainly the Residential plots and some Commercial Building, Mosque, Gardens etc. The total length of above roads 6.9Km (Aker 6Km – Shahrakan 0.730Km – Buri 0.170Km).