Demolishing of Sitra Bridges

Design calculation for the extracting the existing steel pile with maximum depth of 12m deep.

Design of the temporary access bund for heavy crane crossing.

Design of the flushing and temporary pipe culvert

Temporary access bund.

Zallaq Fishing Harbour

Preliminary concept design,

Breakwater Design Calculation,

Quay wall Design calculation (Breakwater),

  • Sliding failure calculation for Quay wall,
  • Overturning failure calculation for Quay wall,
  • Bearing capacity failure calculation for Quay wall,

Architectural, structural, (admin office, public toilet, Lockers, Multi-purpose shed) and the internal Roads with storm drainage.

Tabreed Outfall Pipelines, Manama

Design calculation for the towing and sinking velocity calculation design for Muharraq outfall Pipeline (260m length and 1.1412m Diameter.

Deign calculation for the stability of the HDPE diffuser and Concrete Encasement and Concrete Mattress.

Design calculation of Deep Excavation stabilization (6 m depth) utilizing sheet piles

Dredging Reclamation Shore Line Project Works- East Sitra Housing Project, Sitra

Design calculation for Size of protection rock.

Thickness of layer of rock,

Crest length,

Toe design,

Dike/Bund section detail drawing,

Slope stability analysis.

Bahrain Marine, Manama

Design Calculation for size of protection racks.

Design calculation for slope stability of bund.

Rang of temporary access bund.

Drawing of load checking with slope stability circle.

Temporary Access Bund Design

Design calculation Culvert Cofferdam (Sheet piling Works).